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About our site

ADI looks at systems/software different than most companies. ADI approaches systems/software from the point of view that systems/software is business tools and we want to: make sure we have the right tool to fit your business’s needs. Show you how to get the most out of your tools and relate those tools to your specific business needs Provide ongoing support and training on your tools (systems/software) so you receive the best ROI (return on Investment) possible 1. The right technology fit How will the system perform for your specific business needs? Do the products/services that ADI carry have the specific solution for your business? 2. The right price fit Volume = ROI (return on investment) = budget Does your sales volume equal/warrant an ADI solution? Will you receive a return on your investment within the right time frame? Do you have the right budget for an ADI solution? 3. The right relationship fit ADI uses the POS system as a business tool and wants to show you how to make the tool work and relate the tool to your specific business needs. ADI provides a comprehensive ongoing support policy that includes, unlimited toll free phone support, next business day replacement service on all hardware purchased, remote connection support and much more to insure ongoing success with your ADI solution. If the three criteria’s are meet and you want to implement your solution within the next 90 days. Action steps Request and receive an information packet Schedule a web demo or Schedule an on-site demo Finalize system configuration and pricing of your solution Sign off on your project and provide your deposit Start following your customized implementation schedule Start improving your business profits and receive your ROI